Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm new, how do I get started?

A: Click here to learn how to navigate around the homepage. 


Q: Where can I find addtional LMS training? 

A: From the Resources tab under Rx Learning Center Training, select the Education Orientation course. 


Q: What do I do if I forgot my password?

A: On the login page you would see “forgot password?” Click that link and follow the instructions. Your password reset will be emailed to your registered email account.


Q: How many times can you attempt to log in before you get locked out?

A: 10 consecutive failures.


Q: How long will an account be locked out?

A: An account will be locked out for 15 minutes before it unlocks itself automatically.


Q: What happens if I do not log in my account after a period of time?

A: If you do not log in for 90 days, your account will be locked and you would need your activation code to reactivate it.


Q: Do the courses/learning products have an expiration date?

A: Only the ACPE courses have an expiration date.  They allow 36 months from the date the course is created.


Q: How many times may I attempt the post-test for ACPE courses and what is a passing score?

A: ACPE rules restrict the number of attempts a learner may take a post-test.  Our CPS policy is a maximum of three submitted and scored attempts.  The minimum grade is 80% for successful completion.


Q: How many times may I attempt the post-test for the ASHP Competencies and other non-ACPE courses?

A: Our CPS policy is a maximum of five submitted and scored attempts with an 80% minimum grade for successful completion.


Q: I attended a live program in September.  I completed the post-tests and course evaluations in Rx Learning Center on October.  Why does my continuing education credit statement have a completion date of September instead of October?

A: For live programs, ACPE recognizes the completion date as the date of the live event, not the date the post-test and course evaluation were completed.


Q: After attending a LIVE ACPE presentation, how long do I have to complete the course and claim credit?

A: For live ACPE programs, ACPE will only allow you to get credit if you complete the course within 60 days from the live presentation date. 


Q: How do you get your NABP Number 

A: If you or members of your staff have not acquired your NABP ID numbers yet, you should go the NABP website and acquire one right away.  The direct link to obtain a NABP ID number is:  You will need your pharmacy License(s) and expiration date(s) in order to complete the process.  Your NABP e-Profile ID number will then be emailed to you, or you can find it in the profile section of your account.


Q: When I have successfully completed a course/learning product how do I receive continuing education credit?  

A: After you have completed all of the required elements of the course, choose “Claim Credit” at the bottom of the page.  You will be asked for your NABP ID number and birth month and day (only once).  Upon successfully claiming credit, the ACPE information regarding the course will be directly sent to your CPE Monitor account.  You can log into CPE Monitor to view the status of your completed ACPE programs. If you have not acquired your NABP ID number yet, go to and complete your online application.  NABP will send you a confirmation but you can see your NABP ID number immediately by clicking on the link for Personal Information/Reset Password.  When your profile displays, you will see your NABP e-profile ID number. 


Q: Can my manager view my enrollments and completions?

A: Yes, the learner profiles are built in a hierarchy structure which allows the manager to view individual profiles and transcripts for the pharmacy employees at the hospitals that report to them.   They also have the ability to assign courses and run usage reports of those staff members.  The following managers have administrator access to learner profiles:  RVP, RCD, DOPS, CC.


Q: Can the Administrator see how many times a user has taken a test?

A: Yes


Q: Can the Administrator see how questions were answered by a user on a specific test?

A: Yes


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